Download the latest Tibia Map for Tibia Client and Tibia Flash


Tibia Maps for Tibia Client (Windows) Install Guide

1. Extract to your Tibia folder.
2. Close Tibia Client.
3. Run Tibia Map Installer.exe

Remember to have Tibia turned off first!!

Download Tibia Map Installer - (1.0)

File Size: ~3.2 MB

Tibia Maps for Tibia Flash - Install Guide

  1. Extract the Tibia Flash you downloaded here.
  2. Log in on and and scroll down until you find the “Migration Tool” and start it.
  3. After it loads up press “Load Tibia Export File, and browse to the file you extracted at step 1 and press open.
  4. After it’s done loading might take a while press “Import Minimap” and wait until its done and your ready to play with explored map.

There seams to be a problem using Chrome and Internet Explorer with the Tibia flash client, if you get errors that flash has crashed try other browser like Firefox.
The reason for this problem seams to be that Chrome and Internet Explorer have an integrated version of flash instead of the one you install manually.
Please read more here on Tibia forum Post id:33296538